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Exterior paints (acrylic, silicone, silicate, paint on concrete, paint on wood)

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Rafał Bielak
Tel: +48 601 072 304

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Water-soluable silicone paint is used for painting building elements inside and outside. It can be applied on mineral and polymeric plasters (e.g. acrylic), bricks, gypsum, wood, wood products, plasterboard panels and ligno-cement panels. It is especially recommended on the external elevations and architectural constructions e.g. fences, balconies, terraces and other surfaces that require high resistance to rubbing, humidity and atmospheric conditions. It can be successfully used to renovate old buildings, historic ones in particular, due to high water vapour permeability (high diffusion). The product is extremely resistant to damaging factors such as humidity and salt, whose presence is connected with such buildings. It provides water-proof, elastic, smooth, well-covering, snow-white coating of good durability on most building materials. It protects building elevations against humidity and dirt much better than common facade paints. It gives the inner surfaces aesthetic and long-lasting appearance and makes that they get dirty much slower. Dirty surfaces can be washed with water mixed with mild detergents and with the use of cloth, sponge or soft broom.
The product contains dispersion of silicone resins, durable pigments, mineral fillers, water-repelling agents and other modifiers, which prevent the surface from soaking up water.

Informacje uzupełniające

it is a ready to use paint; you can only add about 5% of running water if it gets thick. On no account should you add chalk, lime or dry glue paints. It is recommended to clean, dust and degrease surfaces to be painted, and eliminate loose paint flakes, moss and lichens. Old coating of glue and lime paints should be definitely removed. New concrete and cement-lime plasters cannot be painted earlier than after 4 weeks counting from the moment of their application. Treat smooth surfaces with sandpaper and dust. Fill gaps and cracks with acrylic filler or gypsum from the inside and cement mortar from the outside. Prime the loose or absorptive surface with deeply penetrating preparation SIL-GRUNT, which shall significantly increase the coating durability. Mix the contents of the packaging before use. Do not paint warmed up and wet surfaces. Do not use in very sunny or windy weather. The producer bears limited responsibility for the dyed paint if the customer dyes it on his own with the pigment pastes, because the effect of the final product depends on the kind of paint to be dyed, quantity of pigment paste to be added and the way it must be mixed and used. It is recommended to make test of mixture with the use of smaller amount of paint due to different technologies and raw materials that pigment producers use. The paint producer does not bear responsibility for the effect of mixing his products with goods made by others as they keep the composition of goods in secret.

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